Winter Hair Colour Trends

Hair Colour Trends & Ideas for Winter

The colder winter weather can leave your hair looking dull and dry so now is the time to invest in a nourishing conditioning treatment and consider brightening your hair with a pop of colour.

Whatever hair colour you choose, make sure you book in for an in-depth hair colour consultation first by calling us on 01865 374571.   You may also require a quick patch test 48 hours before your hair colour to assess your skin’s sensitivity to the products we use.

Now check out our Winter Hair Colour Trends to give you inspiration…

Buttery Blonde Highlights

The trend during the chilly months is for warmer hair tones so it’s time to say goodbye to the platinum blondes and hello to buttery blondes! Why not add some buttery or gold highlights to dark blonde hair to lift the colour and add more interest to your hairstyle and overall look?

Honey Coloured Bronde Hair

One of the latest trends is to add blonde tones to brown hair to transform your hair into a ‘bronde’ colour. We can add some caramel, golden or honey highlights throughout your hair or simply add a few to frame your face for a brighter look.  How bold are you feeling?

Copper & Russet Red Hair Colours

Natural red-heads or those with red tones to their hair, are the perfect candidates for adding copper, auburn or russet red highlights, an all-over toner or going the whole hog and having a full head of permanent red hair colour.

Rich Chocolate Hair Shades

Darker hair that is in great condition looks super shiny and stunning, but if your hair has lost its lustre, consider adding some rich chocolate highlights and a glossing treatment to give depth to your colour.