Straight, Sleek Hair Styles

Stylish, Sleek Hair Styles & Ideas at Ubuntu Salon in Kidlington, Oxford

Straight hair that is in great condition looks sensational so check out these stylish, sleek hairstyle ideas from Ubuntu Salon in Oxford and give us a call on 01865 374571 for a trim, to freshen up your current look or for a complete makeover.  We are experts when it comes to your hair, so book in now for a consultation and we can help find the perfect hair cut or colour for you.

Straight & Simple Hairstyles

Summer usually brings up images of beach waves and wind-swept curls, but that doesn’t mean that girls with straight hair can’t have some fun. Invest some time and effort into keeping your locks healthy and frizz free.  Hair with split ends will ruin the look of a straight hairstyle, so it’s important to book regular trims with your Ubuntu Salon stylist.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair is the perfect style for hot summer days or a cool evening out. It’s glamorous and easy – simply brush your hair until it’s smooth, add some heat protection to your locks before using your hair straighteners for straight, smooth hair.  Then add some gel through your straightened hair with a comb to give it a ‘wet look’.

Sleek Ponytails

Simple sleek ponytails are bang on-trend this season.  Worn at the nape of your neck or simply to one side, this is a great summer hairstyle that will keep you looking and feeling cool.cooler, the perfect style for going out or for the office.


Hair Smoothing Treatments at Top Oxford Hair Salon

If you’re looking for smooth, silky hair, we’d highly recommend our L’Oreal and Coppola Hair Smoothing treatments which will give you smoother, more manageable hair for weeks.  Talk to our hair experts who can help you find the perfect hair smoothing treatment for you.