How to Look After Hair During Summer

How to Take Care of Hair in Summer – Top Tips from Ubuntu Hair Salon in Kidlington

How to Look After Hair During SummerMake the most of the summer season without worrying about your hair! For frizz-free beach days and long lasting glossy highlights, here are top tips to help keep your hair in the best condition during summer, brought to you by our expert hair stylists at Ubuntu Hair Salon in Kidlington.

Whether you’d like to know how to protect your hair from chlorine, protect hair from the sun or protect hair from heat, we are here to help you take care of hair in summer and solve your summer hair problems.

Prevent Faded Hair Colour During Summer

To keep your hair colour looking incredible all summer, it is important to use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair colour fade. Be extra safe by wearing a hat on hotter days, as coloured hair can fade in the sun. 

Our expert hair colour technicians at our Oxford hair salon can advise on special hair treatments that prolong hair colour. Alternatively. come and experience the L’Oréal Powerdose Treatment, that helps to prolong hair colour and nourish hair when used on the same day as your colour service.

Tips to Prevent Frizz by Top Hair Salon in Kidlington

The summer humidity often comes with some extra added frizz in your hair. The question on how to prevent frizz is one of the biggest summer hair problems we hear about from our clients each year.

Understanding what causes frizz is paramount to tackling it! The hot and humid summer days leads to a reduction of moisture in the hair, meaning we need to put moisture back into hair to prevent frizz. 

The most popular anti-frizz products for summer hair problems are serums and hair oils and the hair experts at Ubuntu can help advise you on the best anti-frizz products for you. Additionally, you can book in for a Pro Fiber conditioning hair treatment at our hair salon in Kidlington, the best treatment that helps retain moisture on hair & prevent frizz throughout the summer months.

The Pro Fiber treatment penetrates and grips onto the hair fibre inside and out so your hair looks and feels healthier, shinier and with improved resilience and manageability for up to six weeks.

What Does Chlorine Do to Hair  & How to Protect Your Hair from Chlorine

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off from the heat that arises during the intense summer seasons. However, it is important to protect your hair against the damaging effects of chlorine as it can make your hair brittle, and can even give blonde hair a green tint!  

Wearing a swimming cap is one the most effective ways to prevent chlorine damage to hair when in the pool.  You can also invest in a chlorine-removing shampoo.  

Book an appointment at Ubuntu hair salon for a professional hair conditioning treatment to help restore your hair to its pre-holiday health once you’re back from your holidays.

How to Protect Hair from Heat

Protect hair from dryness and breakage by using a good heat protection spray and hair products containing UV protection.  

Other great ways that help prevent the summer heat from damaging hair are by wearing a hat in the sunshine or tying your hair into a ponytail, plait or bun to keep your hair neat and tidy. 

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