Celebrity Hair Colour Inspiration

The Hottest Hair Colours For Spring at übuntü Hair & Beauty Salon in Kidlington, Oxford

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your look, including your hair colour! The experts at übuntü Hair & Beauty Salon in Kidlington, Oxford take inspiration from the celebrities and look at the hair colours that we think will be big this Spring…..

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Copper Hair Colours For Spring

Get red-hot hair this Spring with a bright copper hair colour at Ubuntu hair salon in Kidlington, Oxford. As with all hair colours, you should consult the experts when it comes to which shades and tones will work best for you – there are so many variants of copper, that it’s certain that you will be able to find your perfect shade!

Fashion Hair Colours With a Twist

This Spring, there is a twist on the classic fashion hair colours with Billie Eilish providing tons of inspiration. Using neon fashion colours as an almost reverse ombre style, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd this Spring with this distinctive look. 

Low Maintenance Blonde Hair Colour

A low maintenance blonde hair colour? Surely that’s not possible? Actually, with shadow rooting hair colour, you can have a dreamy, natural looking blonde hair colour this Spring. Ask your ubuntu colour expert to add brighter blonde highlights around your face and throughout the lengths of your hair, but the base of your hair should be a few shades darker. Kristin Cavallari nails this “beach blonde” look.

Classic Brunette Colours For Spring

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic hair colour! If experimenting with your colour isn’t for you, you can’t go wrong with a classic brunette. There are many shades of brunette and your ubuntu colour expert will be able to find one to match your complexion and skin tone. 

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