Autumn Hair Colour Trends

The Top Hair Colour Trends for Autumn at übuntü Hair Salon in Oxford

Inspiration for our hair is everywhere nowadays. The latest trends are shown off by A Listers, social media influencers, pop stars and reality TV celebrities – but if you really want to find the perfect look for you, just visit our hair colour experts in Oxford. We can recommend a hair colour or hairstyle that will suit you and your lifestyle. We always keep up to date with the latest hair trends so that you don’t have to, so we’ve come up with a list of Autumn Hair Colour Trends to help you look fabulous this season!

glossy brunettes ubuntu hair salon oxfordGlossy Brunettes

While summer trends tend towards blondes and lighter hair colours, autumn is a time when beautiful brunettes are back with a vengeance.

All-over brunette or brown hair colours can look fabulous and gorgeously glossy.

If you want a look that’s a little more adventurous, ask for some red-toned highlights or golden shades to be applied throughout your brunette hair.  

When the autumn sun peaks out, your red highlights will beautifully catch the light! 


red tones to hair top hair salon oxfordRed Hair Colour Trends

Stand out from the crowd with a vibrant red hair colour this autumn!

There are many different shades of red to choose from, meaning will definitely be able to find a red hair colour that’s perfectly suited to you.

Red hair doesn’t have to be eye-poppingly bright, it can also be used as an undertone to make your base colour more vibrant and add some dimension.

For the perfect colour ask our colour experts for help and they will be able to find a shade of red to match your skin tone and eye colour.

balayage best hair salon oxfordBe Bold With Balayage

Balayage continues to be a top trend, but people are now becoming more adventurous with their balayage.

While blonde balayage with beautiful strips of golden blonde illuminating your hair for a sun-kissed look is still asked for by many clients, we are also being asked for flecks of red to be woven in, or deep brunette, or even fashion colours are being added into the balayage mix.  

Whatever look you’re after, make sure to talk to our hair colour experts so they can recommend the best colour for your hair.


golden blonde hair colours top hairdressing salon kidlington oxfordButtery & Golden Blondes

Gorgeous golden tones, heavenly honey hues, beautiful buttery blondes and caramel colours are popular during the autumn months. 

If the sun has lightened your hair over the summer months it may look a little washed out, so book in for some warmer shades to be woven into your hair to balance this out.

Buttery & golden blonde hair colours can be applied as full colour, highlights or balayage.  

Talk to your übuntü hair colour professional so we can find the perfect autumn hair colour for you. 


pastel hair shades best hairdressers in oxford ubuntu hair salonFaded or Bright Pastel Hair Colours

We can create almost any colour under the rainbow with the improvements in hair colour technology that have happened over the years!  Maybe that’s why pastel hair colour is still a top hair colour trend!

Autumn tends to be the time of year when the vibrant pastel hair colour becomes a distant memory from the summer months and more faded pastel pinks, blues, purples and more become popular. 

Pastel hair shades are a low-maintenance way to update your style and look great on anyone!


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