Our experienced nail technicians are waiting to create the most beautiful nails for you.  Choose from acrylic nails and gel nail extensions, French Tip nails, Glitter Nails or even Nail Art!

Book in for your nail treatment by calling ubuntu hair & beauty salon in Oxford on 01865 374571 or book online. View our complete beauty price list.

Acrylic Nails & Gel Nail Extensions

We can add length to short or bitten nails with our high quality Sculpted or Tipped Nail Extensions.  A full set of extensions costs from £40 and we can also offer French pink and white nails, French glitter nails and a full set with gel polish.

French Tip Nails

acrylic_nails french tip, Oxford beauty spaWhen your permanent French tip has grown out it will reveal your natural nail underneath.  To keep your nails looking perfect, we can file down the main surface of the Nail Extension or Overlay and add a new Overlay. Choose from French Tips, Natural Nail Overlaps, Clear Overlays (to strengthen natural nails), French Pink & White Overlays, French Glitter Overlays, or Clear Overlay with Gel Polish.

Nail Infill Services at ubuntu beauty salon, Oxford

When your nail grows there will be a gap that appears between the cuticle and the Nail Extension or Overlay,  We can offer an Infill service where we file down and infill the gap with Acrylic and Coloured Gel Polish or clear Polish. Clear infills cost just £25, while infills with Gel Polish cost £30.

Add A Spa Manicure to Your Acrylic or Gel Nail Treatment

Add a Spa Manicure to your Acrylic or Gel Treatment for just £15 extra.  Your hands will look and feel much softer and smoother after the Spa Manicure which includes exfoliation, the application of a hand masque, moisturiser and a hand massage.

Soak Off Nail Services

We can safely soak off your old Acrylic nails and offer you a nail treatment for just £25.  We also offer nail repair if one of your acrylic or gel nails is chipped or broken within a few days of your initial treatment.

Nail Art at ubuntu beauty salon, Oxfordshire

Sometimes a slick of nail varnish simply isn’t enough which is why we also offer nail art.  Our qualified nail technicians can suggest some amazing looks for your nails or maybe you’ve seen a design you fancy.  Whatever your nail art desire, make sure you talk it over with your ubuntu nail technician so we can give you the perfect look.  We can create beautiful patterns, hand painting, add rhinestones and glitter.