Meet the Team

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The Hair Team

The Beauty Team

We have a highly skilled and talented team of hair and beauty technicians at ubuntu hair & beauty salon in Kidlington who are waiting to create the perfect hairstyle and give you the ultimate beauty experience.

We offer different levels of stylists depending on experience, training, qualifications and length of time in the industry.  Our pricing structure has been created to suit everyone’s budget.

Style Director – Our directors have many years’ knowledge, skill and experience.  All our art directors are qualified to teach and train in hairdressing and to develop the salon to the highest standards.

Senior Stylist – Our senior stylists have a minimum of four years’ industry experience.  They have a great amount of knowledge and skill to create the perfect hairstyle for you.

Stylist – A stylist has one to three years’ experience working with customers and perfecting their skills.  They are constantly evolving with ongoing training and development.

Graduate Stylist – a graduate stylist is someone who has been trained in the fundamentals of hairdressing but needs to work on confidence and speed.  Appointment times may take longer and another stylist could oversee their work.  Graduate stylist appointments are available on selected days only.