Guinot Facials at ubuntu beauty salon, Kidlington, Oxford

Our beauty technicians work with the finest Guinot products to bring you the best in anti-ageing, relaxing and sensory facials and face treatments.

Guinot is recognised internationally for creating the most technologically and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments for men and women.  Among their specialities is the Hydradermie treatment which uses galvanic massaging equipment to enable the high-quality gels to penetrate your skin more effectively.

If you are looking for a more sensory treatment, choose from the aromatic facials which combine essential oils, plant concentrate masks and massages to hydrate, balance and energise the skin.

Whatever your beauty needs, feel free to call the Uubuntu beauty team in Oxford for advice or to book an appointment on 01865 374571 or book online here.

Essential Facial (30 minutes)

The ideal introduction to Guinot treatments. This facial includes gentle cleansing, toning, exfoliation followed by a mask suited to your skin’s needs to leave your skin feeling smooth and luminous.

Hydradermie Facial (1 hour)

Guinot’s Hydraderm machine gently combines galvanic and high-frequency currents to deep cleanse, exfoliate, refine and revitalise your skin. Perfect if you are looking for more youthful and radiant skin with instant results. This treatment is customised to meet your needs whether you have oily, dry, sensitive or ageing skin. It can also help to even skin tone.  Monthly treatments recommended for optimum results.

Hydradermie Age Logic Facial (1 hour 30 minutes)

This is a deluxe anti-ageing facial which focuses on the face, eye and neck area and includes a luxurious serenity massage. The Hydraderm uses galvanic, high-frequency massage which aids cleansing and exfoliation and leaves you with visibly rejuvenated skin with regained firmness and radiance.  A unique face mask helps with cell regeneration, stimulates collagen production and brightens the complexion. 

Hydradermie Lift Yeux (45 minutes)

A non-surgical Guinot eye lifting treatment to reduce signs of ageing, fatigue and puffiness.  A course of 12 treatments is recommended for optimum results. 

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe (2 hours)

Ideal for mature skin, this fabulous Guinot Hydradermie Lift Deluxe facial combines the Hydradermie Age Logic and Hydradermie Lift treatments to bring you the ultimate anti-ageing facial.  Combat the signs of ageing with this rejuvenating facial which revitalises the skin and reduces wrinkle depth. Muscles will be stimulated and tightened.

Age Summum (1 hour)

Designed to target the signs of ageing, this treatment will regenerate, firm and restore radiance. This is the ideal treatment for anyone concerned with signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and lack of radiance.

Eye Logic (45 minutes)

This is a contouring treatment that targets the very delicate eye area to help reduce wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.  This three step treatment includes an eye serum gel, eye contour massage and mask.

Aromatic Facial (1 hour)

A relaxing aromatherapy facial which helps you to relax and unwind with a tension-reducing massage using a combination of beautifying and therapeutic essential oils.  This aromatic facial balances the skin, softens fine lines, restores radiance and lifts your senses to give you a feeling of calmness and wellbeing.

Beaute Neuve (1 hour)

A superb double peeling facial which removes dull skin cells to reveal a more youthful complexion. This Guinot treatment uses fruit enzymes, amino acids and pure Vitamin C to gently exfoliate your skin leaving you looking radiant.  Ideal for all skin types, this facial helps to reduce skin pigmentation such as age spots.  A course of 3 treatments is recommended for optimum results.